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Compare the SM70 MK 2 to the SM70 Pro

Don't just take our work for what the critics have to say about the SM70-Pro...

“…Sweetly detailed and warmish when used as a single-ended stereo

or mono amp, but running fully balanced, the SM-70 Pros exhibit a
level of transparency that is simply awe-inspiring. Their clarity and punch are amazing.”
“…I was startled by how sweetly detailed it sounded driving those
current-hungry monitors.”
“…The SM-70 Pro is a balanced-input monoblock amplifier that ranks with the really great ones.”
“…Running fully balanced, the SM-70 Pros exhibit a level of transparency that is simply awe-inspiring.”
“…What superb little amps.!”
Wes Phillips – SoundStage

“…Maintaining harmonic integrity is essential to preserving the tonal qualities of the instruments and allows them to be reproduced in a manner that more closely resembles their respective natural sonic signatures. In this one area the SM-70 Pro can compete with the very best amplifiers available, tube or solid-state.”
Frank Alles - The Stereo Times

“…The SM-70 Pro amplifiers are superb sonic performers.”
“…The famous Monarchy ”layering” and excellent delineation of instruments within a complex orchestral fabric is ever-present in these new amps.”
“…Sonically the SM-70 Pro amplifiers offer extremely high value.”
Gary Galo -AudioXpress

“…sets the benchmark for performance in the sub one thousand dollar category.”
“…surprisingly powerful and articulate, with the elusive ability to reproduce music in a manner that fully engages the listener.”
“…have the remarkable ability to recreate the complex harmonic texture of music.”
John Hoffman - Affordable Audio

“…They have an effortless and authoritative presentation, as well as loads of transparency. ”
M.L. Gneier - The Sound Mind

“…this amplifier provided a powerful sound that always seemed much bigger than its 25 watts-per-channel rating would suggest.”
“…You could live with this little amp forever.”
“…as monoblocks, these amplifiers possesses a lot of authority and add much more impact to the sound.”
“…The SM70 Pro was neutral enough that it revealed the character of whatever preamp I hooked up to it.”
Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio

“…The Monarchy SM-70 amps are really a something of a marvel.”
“…and showed just how much musical fun you can have for very little cash.”
“…These little amps were fast, clean, and very dynamic.”
“…They had all the power and drive I could want.”
Dave Clark- Positive Feedback

“…the Pros were superior to my reference with respect to stereo separation and soundstage depth.”
“…the Pros excelled at capturing dynamic shadings.”
“…As far as single ended, medium-power, fully-balanced, solid state monoblocks are concerned, the Monarchy SM-70 Pros are in a class of their own. Recommended.”
Victor Chavira - Positive Feedback

“…This is a lot of amp for the money!”
“…this little amplifier sounds much more powerful than it really is.”
“…In the crucial midrange, the sound was present and fleshy, without being overly so. Vocals sounded human as opposed to electrically generated.”
“…what I especially liked about the way the monos projected an image was the sensation of depth.”
Martin DeWulf – Bound For Sound

“…A single SM-70 makes some lovely sounds. It has an expansive presentation and really lets the music breathe.”
“…The bottom end was extended, if a bit warm..”
“…The stage is amazingly wide and well focused laterally”
“…The SM-70 Pro has a wonderfully musical balance.”
Paul Cervantes- Ultralinear



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