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SE160 Hybrid

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Monarchy Audio S E - 160 hybrid amplifiers, finding them to be immensely sweet and surprisingly dynamic, offering the treble shimmer and glow that SET fans crave, yet with the kind of big-league dynamics that could easily fill a medium-sized room. I used the unit’s stock 6DJ8 tubes, but tube rolling should allow owners to change the character of the amps...From a price standpoint, the SE-160s should be considered must-listen amps for those who are looking for the transparency of tubes and the wallop that 160 watts can deliver." Sound StageSE160

SE-160 SPECIFICATIONS (Absolute Zero Feedback)
(No global, No local Feedback)
Architecture: One Triode gain stage with another Triode used as current source. 6 pairs of complimentary MOSFETS in Output Stage.

Tube: one 6DJ8 Military Grade. Can be substituted with 6922 or ECC88. Customer can specify 6N1P if desired.(The sonic characteristics of this amp depends to a large extend on this tube)


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