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SE100 MK2

Introducing The New SE100 MK2

SE100SE-100 MK 2 improvements

  • current mirror input for more stable output throughout entire dynamic range
  • improved current source at both input and driver stages:
    far lower distortion and higher operating speeds
  • sophisticated output MOSFET pairing and protection:
    higher current output: will handle 2-ohm loads
  • Dual low noise bridge rectifiers: even better than soft-recovery diodes will better meet current demands during high dynamics
  • cascaded driver tightly preserves signal integrity: excellent sound staging
  • time-delay relay eliminates turn-on thump
  • positive over-drive protection with very clean clipping
  • improved layout and wiring techniques result in hum free operation

Oval handles on front panel distinguishes this Mark 2
Laser engraved front and rear panel.
Top cover has twice as many vent slots.

All hand built in California.

The Older SE100

If you have an older SE100 and want to upgrade it we do provide affordable options

Below is an ad for the older SE-100


Upgrade Options to the SE-100 Mark 2

The Mark 2 upgrade is offered in 3 levels:

  1. replace Motherboard $150 (sonic improvement)
  2. replace two output boards (with tightly matched Power MOSFETS) $150 (higher reliability)
  3. replace rectifier with two Low Noise Bridges $50 (sonic improvement)

Labor for any or all of the above: flat rate $100 per amp.

In other words to upgrade the entire amp is $400 parts and labor. We will also throw in the new Mark 2 Oval handles and provide a new
rear panel with laser engraved "Mark 2" for this total upgrade.

Since you own the old amp, we offer the following upgrade options:

  1. Sell your old amps on the Net, we will give the new buyer a 60 day courtesy warranty. This helps to complete the deal.
    But the old owner must buy a new MK 2 pair from us.
  2. Send the old amps to us for the level of upgrade you prefer. (If the amps have lasted all these years, you can skip Item (2) output board upgrade above)


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