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M50 Double Isolation AC Filter

Enjoy the Monarchy Audio M50!
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The M50 was designed and made from the perspective of audiophiles. We develop our products by using the tried and true concept of “comparison testing.” We literally sit down with our audience of audio/electrical engineers and play, tweak, and test each component until it attains the purity isound that we strive for. The M50 was designed for front-end components like CD players, DACs, or word clocks. It is possible to drive small power amps like SM-70 or tube amps. The M50 should only be used with components that do not draw more than 125 watts total. For example, if M50 Top Viewusing a classpower amp, then the M50 can only accept an amp with a combined rating of 125 watts (62.5 watts per channel). For a class AB amp, the maximum draw has a combined rating of 250 watts (125 watts per channel). Accordingly, M50 Front LCD Panelwe do NOT recommend that the M50 be used with power amps. Isthe high-lighted area correct?

Clean and unlimited power is the foundation of quality audio playback. Through the years, Monarchy Audio has prided itself on producing audiophile sound at affordable prices. Consequently, only by using high quality, audiophile components and parts, while maintaining short signal pathways in our designs can we continue to exist withinthis marketing parameter. In an effort to produce audiophile quality at affordable prices the M50 continues this philosophy and takes it a step further by using some of the highest quality components and materials available, while paying special attention to the case design in order to eliminate all EMI/RFI and vibration. The simple, yet highly efficient layout, of the M50 consists of two USA made transformers, transformer shields, and an EMI filter to eliminate naturally produced noise inherent in the delivery of AC power. In doing this, the M50 utilizes audio grade inlets and outlets, audio quality silver coated wires, gold plated terminals, and breakers. The result is a quantum leap into audio reproduction, thus providing your audio system with the cleanest power signal path available anywhere. The solid aluminum (10 mm thick) and stable base ofthe M50 not only reduces EMI/RFI and vibration, but will provide the listener with anew audio experience as the existing audio playback system of the mid-range and bass are be propelled to the next level of audio dynamics and ultimately result in greater audio transparency.


  • 500w power handling. Please do NOT drain over 500w from the M50.
  • Two American-made transformers provide double isolation.
  • 100% transformer shielding to prevent inside components from interfering with each other.
  • 8 AWG silver-plated solid copper wire.
  • Customized super high quality copper receptacles with gold platting.
  • Audio quality copper AC inlet.
  • Audio quality EMI filter.
  • Pure Copper terminals with gold platting.
  • Japan-made high quality breakers.
  • LED voltage meter.
  • 10 mm thick aluminum chassis and rigid structure.
  • Extremely reliable design (all passive components.)
  • Solid aluminum case (10 mm thick.)
  • Dimensions: 17.1 inches*13 inches (43.5 cm * 33cm)
  • Weight: 39 pounds

Manual for M50


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