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DA08 300B Tube Monoblock Power Ampifier

Features of the DA08 300BDA08

  • Permalloy output transformer for highest energy coupling from the tube to the speaker (Permalloy output transformers are also made by some other
    manufacturers for over US$1,000 a pair!)
  • Z11 silicon steel laminates for both the AC transformer and the filter choke (this is the material other tube manufacturers use for their output transformers)
  • Sophisticated output impedance selector switch (in a 4-8-16 Ohm matrix for best speaker matching)
  • All single-ended operation Mono block for infinite channel separation and devoted power supply per channel
  • A combo Line Amp and Power Amp(Volume control on the front panel)
  • Tubes: 6SN7 Input; 300B output
  • Slim chassis for compact 5-channel side-by-side stack up
  • Power supply optimized for 117V /60Hz operation
    (Contact distributor for 240 V/50Hz units. Voltage not changeable)
  • Output Power : 8 Watts
    Input Sensitivity: 200 mV (There is no need to use any line amp)
    Input Impedance: 100K
  • Weight: 15 lbs


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