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AC Regenerator

How the Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator Works

An Affordable Audio review by John Hoffman explains how the AC regenerator works.

I needed a quick tutorial from Monarchy Audio in order to explain how the AC Regenerator works. . Mr. Poon has the ability to explain electrical design issues in a logical manner that makes them quite easy to understand. To begin with, the AC Regenerator abandons the incoming alternating current waveform. It does not matter how clean or dirty the incoming electrical current is, the AC Regenerator converts the waveform back to a direct current format. The incoming signal first passes through a torrodial transformer, which has three purposes. The transformer isolates and protects the internal circuitry from the current coming out of the wall socket. Another function is voltage reduction on the in- coming AC current. The AC Regenerator requires less than the 117 volts that most power systems supply to a home. Finally, a transformer is an energy storage device, and in this application it pro- vides the rest of the unit with a stable power source.
The processed AC signal is then fed into a DC Bridge Rectifier Module.

This module converts the incoming AC signal back to pure DC. The DC signal is then handed off to a 150- watt amplifier. The amplifier section converts the signal back to an AC format. A sophisticated clocking circuit is implemented in this stage to create the desired volt- age and frequency parameters for the unit. The user is able to select between 50hz, 60hz, 120hz, and 400hz settings. Higher frequency settings reduce the ripple contained in the AC wave pattern, and provide a faster rate of charge to the power supply of the component plugged into the AC Regenerator.

Finally, the reconstituted electrical signal is passed through another torrodial trans- former before it leaves the AC Regenerator. The transformer is responsible for ensuring a smooth supply of power to components that are connected to the AC Regenerator. This transformer also isolates the internal circuits from the components that are downstream from the AC Regenerator. This is a basic overview of how Monarchy is generating a pure AC waveform. It is based on proven electrical engineering concepts, and there are no black magic, voodoo, or mystical events occurring inside this box.

Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator
Power Handling: 100 Watt
Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz.
Output Voltage: (a)110 to 120 Volt Adjustable in 1-Volt steps (b)200 to 240 Volt Adjustable in 2-volt steps
Dimension: Width 17" Depth: 12" Height: 4" Net Weight: 24 lbs Shipping weight: 30 lbs.

Price: $850

Color: Black A 150 Watt Power amp is built in to generate a pure sine wave, noise free. The Output of this power amp can be adjusted to the ratings as above. This supply may be used with any LCD HDTV displays rated at power consumption of 100 Watts or less, with improved picture quality and more stable operation. It cannot be used with any AC appliance rated at more than 100 Watts. But it will handle two of Monarchy Audio's DA08SE 300B power amps, or one SM-70 PRO.


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