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Hundreds of "one-of-a-kind" products to be posted!

NOTE: All products are subject to prior sale. If the refurbished product is sold out, then it cannot be replaced with a new product at the refurbished price. If a liquidation product is sold out, then that is it.

After forty years in the high-end audio business, we have amassed quite a collection of gear. We will be posting our equipment at blowout prices, so be sure to check back weekly. In many cases, we only have one or two of an item and once it is sold then it is gone forever. We will only offer to the public the finest of equipment from such manufactures as: Threshold, Marantz, Sony, Panasonic, Bowers and Wilkins, AKG, Denon, Bang & Olufsen, JBL, Jensen, Luxman, Grado Labs, McIntosh, Nagra, Ortofon, Panasonic, VPI, and many more.

Individual components are available here are highly discounted prices!

Refurbished Products

Digital Word Clocks and Upsamplers

The advantages of using an external digital word clock for your digital system is:

  • to provide much higher output drive for the DAC,
  • to make a digital audio system much more convenient and stable to operate,
  • to condition the signal and reduce jitter, and
  • to allow the system to operate more reliably.

This is one of, if not the, cheapest way to improve the digital signal prior to it reaching the DAC!

Due to high demand, we only have the DIP Upsampler left! Get yours while limited supplies last.

DIP Upsampler, Factory Refurbished:

Two precision clocks(48 and 96K) to give your DAC the accuracy it needs
for optimal performance.

Regular Price $299
Now $199
Free shipping within the U.S.


DIP Upsampler

DIP Upsampler  
DIP Upsampler

Subject to prior sale.
Email the factory for further details on each individual DIP.

Liquidation Products

Take Advantage of Our Spring Cleaning!

Newly Added Warehouse Liquidation Items

Note: Due to our increased volume of products to be liquidated, we are now simply providing a link to the specific product.

Two Pairs of Dahlquist: DQ-10 (one pair is original, and the other highly modified)
Celestion 3 Bookshelf speakers
Pair of Williamson Mono Block Tube Amps
Monarchy Audio Model 9 Preamp
Carver THX AV705x Power Amp (5-Channel)


VPI Combo

VPI Combo

This incredible deal includes:
  • Absolutely brand new VPI Traveler in Blue color platform
  • Latest generation Gimbal tone arm included
  • In original factory cellophane wrap
  • Original factory packing
  • VPI 16.5 record cleaner (tested, mint condition) included


Carver A-753x

  • Certified by Lucasfilm, Ltd. for use in home THX audio systems
  • Maqnified Current technology for increasing voltage and current capability
  • Total Direct Couplinq for high damping factor at all frequencies
  • Each channel protected by: individual fusing, excess temperature sense, DC fault sense, power-on delay, shorted load sense.
  • Minimal signal path design, with on card I/O connectors eliminating internal interconnect cables
  • Three analog lighted meters with range selection switch
  • Individual calibrated level trim controls for each channel

BW 801

B&W 801's (Pair)

B&W 801's (Pair)

  • Brand new mid range for back up (original unit working great)
  • Brand new tweeter replacement diaphragm for back up (original teeter working great)
  • New woofer installed (original is defective, but will be included for future replacement after repair)
  • Sound Anchor special Stand designed for this particular model (dramatically enhances bass.)
  • Entire crossover board upgraded by Monarchy Audio with high quality
    film caps(for much quicker transient response)
  • Original manual and Frequency Response curve for this pair included

Sound Lab Sound Lab Speaker

Sound Lab A-1 Electro Static Speaker

Sound Lab A-1 Electro Static Speaker

  • Description: Full-range, transformer-coupled, electrostatic loudspeaker.
  • Frequency range: 28Hz to beyond 20kHz. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: equivalent to 88dB/1W/1m at 4m. Minimum amplifier power: 100W.
  • Maximum music power: 450W. Bias power-supply input: 117/220 VAC, 50/60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 81.24" H by 35.5" W by 10.5" D (panel), 25" D (base).
  • Weight: 185 lbs each.

Bruce Moore Preamp

Bruce Moore Preamp

Tube Preamp Built by Bruce Moore

Special Features:
Point to point wiring by Bruce Moore (of MFA, Audible Illusion fame). Upgraded with 100% Pure Silver wiring(18 gauge) in all signal paths. Upgraded with super size Industrial Gde power transformer. Upgraded with Kimber Cable 8TC Telfon wires from Power Supply to Main unit. All aluminum case for non-magnetic. ALPS audiophile grade volume control. All 6 tubes individually shielded

See more images, specifications, and details of the Bruce Moore Preamp

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp  100 Watts Per Channel    Specifications:  Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.06% Damping factor: 125 Input sensitivity: 1V Signal to noise ratio: 98dB Dimensions: 443 x 135 x 386mm Weight: 12.3kg   Downloads: service manual   instruction/owners manual   - Titimultipass    Special features:  a) Upgraded by Monarchy Audio with Teflon Silver wiring in both Input and Output b) Audiophile grade Filter capacitors c) Individual Left and Right power supplies d) Original carton e) Slightly used for demo's, but otherwise like new

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, Total harmonic distortion: 0.06%, Damping factor: 125, Input sensitivity: 1V Signal to noise ratio: 98dB, Dimensions: 443 x 135 x 386mm, Weight: 12.3kg

Special features:
Upgraded by Monarchy Audio with Teflon Silver wiring in both Input and Output, Audiophile grade Filter capacitors, Individual Left and Right power supplie

Original carton, Slightly used for demo's, but otherwise like new. Only 2 available.

See more images, specifications, and details of the Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp


Luxman A3550

In the 80's Monarchy Audio was the USA kit distributor for Luxman Japan. This model (Luxman A3550) was offered as a kit at a lower price than finished Luxman products. Luxman built a few finished kits for demo/display. The A3550 offered here is such a "factory assembled kit." Monarchy Audio subsequently upgraded these "demo/display amps" with German WIMA and other film caps, bias regulation, and Teflon silver wiring for enhanced performance. A pair of 4-Ohm outputs were also retrofitted to match other  4-ohms speakers (original 8-ohm outputs retained).

Read and see more images of the Luxman A3550 Power Amplifier

Heathkit Power Amp Bruce Moore Preamp

Heathkit Power Amp Bruce Moore Preamp Heathkit Power Amp Heathkit Power Amp

Counterpoint SA-2 PrePreamp with 4 Mullard 6DJ8

Here is a Counterpoint SA-2 PrePreamp (headamp).  Offers 30dB of gain to your moving coil cartridge with vacuum tube rectified power supply. Roberstein Resista resistors, REL and Wima capacitors in the audio chain with adjustable restive loading of moving coil cartridges. This has is in good shape with a IEC pigtail cord to connect your favorite power cord. Installed are 4 Mullard 6DJ8 gold pin tubes. I do not have a turntable set up to test the unit but was working several years ago. Comes with original owners manual, original box and a copy of the schematic and component layout.

GAIN: 30dB
BANDWIdTH: (uncompensated, 47L ohm, 180pF load) 0.5Hz to 350kHz variable
SIGNAL TO NOIZE: A weighted, RIAA equalized de-emphis, -93dB with 10mV reference
DISTORTION: variable as a function of Bias controls
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 100k ohm, user adjustable to zero
(4) 6DJ8, Audio amplification
(1) 5651A, voltage reference
(1) 6JC6A, Error amplifier
(1) 6CA4,  Full wave rectifier
(2) 2N3440, transistors, capacitor multipliers
(1) MJ410, transistor, pre regulator pass device
(4) 1N5400, diodes, filament rectifier
(8) 1N5368B diodes, pre regulator, voltage reference

Counterpoint SA-2 PrePreamp with 4 Mullard 6DJ8 installed for sale. It has not been used since the 1990s and have not variac it yet. I don't have a working phono set up now so I can not test either. Asking $800 with the Mullards.

$800 with the Mullards

Please contact for more information:






Michaelson & Austin TVA-1 Amplifier

Uses 12AT7/12AX7 front end and 6550 outputs. The 6550 are Svetlana (could be Sovtek). It sounded lean the last time I used it so will need recapping, maybe more.

$1,200 OBO

Please contact for more information:



Pickering Isophase 581 Electrostatic Tweeters

Here is a pair of Pickering Isophase 581 Electrostatic tweeters I am selling. Asking price is $600 for the pair.  I can see if I can find matching screws to reattach the rear grills if needed. Below is the description I have listed on Craigslist. You can check with the Taiwan guy or post on the warehouse list.

$600 OBO

Please contact for more information:

These rare high performance, large electrostatic tweeter gives clear natural sound using the Isophase design which is different than most electrostatic speaker designs. The larger size allows for lower distortion and has the ability to play to lower frequencies. With the Pickering speakers, the diaphragm is not stretched and held at its edges. Instead the "inert diaphragm" method is used, with the plastic supported by a number of small spring elements across its surface, between it and the two outer electrodes.  This gives the diaphragm a wrinkly loose appearance. This entire "sandwich" (consisting of the outer electrodes and the diaphragm) is curved in the horizontal plane, which helps in the even distribution of highs throughout the listening area. In addition, the outer electrodes have numerous openings to allow both the front and the back waves to emerge from the unit.
The model 581is designed to cover the frequency range from 400 Hz to beyond 20,000 Hz. Each speaker is used with its adapter unit serves as a crossover network, supplies the polarizing voltage, and matches the speaker to the amplifier.
Included is photocopied documents of the owners manual. This pair has new front grill cloth on the front and sides. Most of the rear grill screws seems to be missing. The mahogany wood bases are different colors (see pictures). The tube rectifier in the power supplies has been changed to diodes, but you should be able to convert back to the tube rectifier.  Rectifier tubes are included. I have played these speakers and do seem to play fine. Panel size is approximately  36” W x 25” H.



$600 OBO

Please contact for more information:


Luxman A3550

Model: Luxman A3550 (2 Amps)

Original Japan version Luxman A3550 tube power amp made during Luxman's "golden years of tube amps."

More Luxman A3550 Info and Images


  • 30 Watt x 2 Triode 6550 output tubes (default wiring)
  • 70 watt x 2 UL wiring (easily implemented) Williamson style


Asking price $2,990

More Luxman Info and Images
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The New NM24 DACNM24

...on all DIP models. Shipped FREE to any destination in the world where mail is delivered! Please specify AC voltage.

New Features

* New model with Headphone Amp built in!
* All Russian Sovtek 6922 tubes.
* New higher capacitance  WIMA  capacitors with even better bass extension.
* New bypass polystyrene capacitors.

A few words on the New Model 24

It's three units in one package: a tube DAC, a solid state DAC, and a tube Line Amp.(and a headphone amp)

You may evaluate the sound of the SS DAC by feeding its output(the Upper Analog out terminals on the rear panel, see picture) back into M24's Line In, either directly with a good (short)RCA interconnect, or better still, through a coupling transformer (more on this later)

Then you can instantly compare the difference of the SS DAC and the Tube DAC by pushing the button next to the volume control.
The SS version is designed to yield a slightly lower level. It can of course be used with other Line Amps.

We have provided the additional SS DAC for these reasons:

  • Many customers want tubes for the liquidity
  • Others want maximum accuracy from the Solid State
  • Others want deep bass(easier attainable from SS) and a subwoofer outlet
  • Yet others want a coupling transformer that couples the SS DAC back
  • into the Line Amp section for an instant A/B comparison
  • Others want to have a SS reference when they insert different tubes


Click on images for larger views
nm24 nm24 nm24

The Line Output can drive any dynamic headphones direct, through a simple RCA-to-Phone Jack adaptor. Preferred headphones are Sennheiser HD650(300 Ohms impedance) but lower impedance headphones(Grado, etc) can also be used. We do recommend using a 300Ohm-to-30Ohm step down transformer for Grado RS-1's.

Read More About the NM24

Price $1590
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ALPS Motorized Volume Controls

Maker: ALPS Japan
Value: 10K x2 for stereo
Motor control voltage: 5V
Qty: 76 pcs in oroginal ALPS factory trays, $12 each
Qty: 70 pcs pulled from production run, but never used, $8 each

Asking price $1,400 for the entire lot.
Sample available at $35 each for band new, $30 each for pulls, shipping included.

Alsp Alps
Alps Alps

Nickle Plated Hi-Fi Isolation Feet

Hi-Fi Isolation Feet, at $20 per set of 4. Nickel plated.
FREE shipping within the States.

Isolation Feet Nickle Plated


Note: The double sided adhesive tape may not be as good as new, due to aging. This can easily be replaced. The base of each piece is approximately 3/4" X 3/4", and the height from tip to bottom of base is 3/4".
The best way to use these feet is to 1) mount them to the audio component using double sided tape, 2) place a USA Nickel, heads-up, on the surface where the feet will be used. The raised edge of the US Nickel will provide additional isolation on any flat, hard surface. If desired a small "hole" can be partially drilled in the center of the Nickel.

Hi-Fi Isolation Feet, at $20 per set of 4. Nickel Plated.
FREE shipping within the States.
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KT-88 Stereo Tube Amp Model VAA-120

More images, specs, circuit diagrams of the VAA-120

VAA 120

Kit Form: $750
Assembled Amp: $980

More images, specs, circuit diagrams of the VAA-120

Threshold T400 Power Amplifier

Stereo Output: 150 Watts per Channel, 8 Ohms
Mono Output: 450 Watts into 8 Ohms

Full specifications
T400 Review

Original price $5,350
Save 50%
Yours for $2,675

Note: All liquidation items are subject to prior sale.
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t400 Front


T400 Back


Klipsch RF25 Speaker System



    High efficiency (97 dB)


New open box.

Low cost ($399 for the PAIR)

Klipsch Specs (PDF)

Note: All liquidation items are subject to prior sale.
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Luxman Integrated tube Amp
Model A1033


  • Handbuilt in California from original Luxman kit
  • Upgraded with German WIMA coupling capacitors
  • 12AX7 all tube Phono Stage
  • Can be configured for either Triode 15Watt x 2 or UL(Ultra Linear)
  • 30Watt x 2 output
  • 12-month warranty except for tube

Luxman Specs Japanese (PDF)

Luxman Luxmam Luxman


  • New, with original carton

Price: $2,400 each (quantity available 3 pcs)

Note: All liquidation items are subject to prior sale.
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300b Integrated Power Amp


  • Inputs for 4 signal sources
  • Step volume control 24-steps
  • 4 Ohm output 20 watts per channel
  • 8 Ohm output 20 watts per channel (actual measured output wattage)
  • Connection diagram provided for bi-amp speakers(with two sets of terminals)
    so BOTH 4 and 8 Ohm outputs are utilized to draw more power from the amp.
    Now the speaker behaves like running on a 40-watt amp
  • Brand new matched Gold Grid EH300B output tubes for exquisite music
  • All signal path capacitors upgraded with German WIMA audio caps.
Amp 300B Amp
300B Amp 300B Amp

Product condition

New display model; new 300b tubes

Price $1,980


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