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Custom Made AC Power Cord

Power CordThe AC Power Cord below is a custom made cord that was designed with Monarchy Audio in mind. Granted, the cord does stray from our "lwo-cost" ideology but is was both designed and constructed without any solicitation on our part and, more importantly, it is not your everyday power cord. The result is a power cord that far exceeds expectations and though the price may make one squeamish, but merely looking at the construction diagram below it is easy to see why this cord is a step above most cords costing 2 to 4 timmes as much. It should be noted, that the power cord will work on any audio component. A unique aspect of this cord is its three-layer protection for RF and electromagnetic interference. The bulk of the price is primarily for materials, and this is basically a "break even" product made for the loyal users of Monarchy Audio.


  1. Teflon insulated
  2. Three-layer protection from RF and electromagnetic interference
  3. Rose color gold plated copper plug provides higher conductivity
  4. Thick aluminum plug’s body providing superb protection from RF and electromagnetic interference
  5. Screws on plug housings are accurately torqued
  6. High current design. Can be used on all devices.

Price: $830

Power Cord Construction

Cross secction of the Monarchy Audio power cord

Power Cord Power Cord
Power Cord Power Cord
Power Cord Power Cord
Power Cord Power Cord
Power Cord Power Cord
Power Cord Power Cord


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