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Luxman LuxKit* A3550

* In the 80's Monarchy Audio was the USA kit distributor for Luxman Japan. This model (Luxman A3550) was offered as a kit at a lower price than finished Luxman products. Luxman built a few finished kits for demo/display. The A3550 offered here is such a "factory assembled kit." Monarchy Audio subsequently upgraded these "demo/display amps" with German WIMA and other film caps, bias regulation, and Teflon silver wiring for enhanced performance. A pair of 4-Ohm outputs were also retrofitted to match other  4-ohms speakers (original 8-ohm outputs retained).

Model: Luxman A3550

Original Japan version Luxman A3550 tube power amp made during Luxman's "golden years of tube amps."


  • 30 Watt x 2 Triode 6550 output tubes (default wiring)
  • 70 watt x 2 UL wiring (easily implemented) Williamson style

Special Features:

  • Stereo//mono selectable(mono yielding double output)
  • Feedback/Non Feedback user selectable on front panel
  • Separate L/R input volume control
  • Output terminals: 8 Ohm; additional 4 Ohm terminals included

Driver Tubes : 6CG7, 6FQ7 x 4 pcs

Factory wired in Japan, film caps upgraded in California with additional Bias regulation and film bypass caps. Factory Original Blake Gate electrolytic capacitors.

Condition: display model, very slightly used.

Original Japan model has 100V ac input. A toroid step down. Transformer is included for 117 volt conversion.

Warranty: by Monarchy Audio for 6 months, except tubes.

Special Offer: Seller will provide absolutely brand new GE 6550—4 pcs
Shipping weight 45 lbs (from California)

Asking price $2,990

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Luxman A3550




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