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B&W 801's

Special features for this pair:

  • Brand new mid range for back up (original unit working great)
  • Brand new tweeter replacement diaphragm for back up (original teeter working great)
  • New woofer installed (original is defective, but will be included for future replacement after repair)
  • Sound Anchor special Stand designed for this particular model (dramatically enhances bass.)
  • Entire crossover board upgraded by Monarchy Audio with high quality
    film caps(for much quicker transient response)
  • Original manual and Frequency Response curve for this pair included

Cash & Carry: $4,400 (Factory carton can be supplied but seller will NOT ship due to the weight)

Demo's available at Monarchy Audio's sound room.
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B&W 801's (Pair)

B&W 801
B&W 801
B&W 801
B&W 801
B&W 801
B&W 801


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